Rescued Wildlife Fine Art Photography

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From jaguars to pigeons and possums to polo ponies, Casares has trained his camera lens on animals from just about every phylum, class, and order in the animal kingdom. His work has appeared across the globe, garnering international acclaim and capturing the attention of audiences at shows and exhibitions including Miami’s Art Basel and major media outlets such as Univison and Yahoo.com. But it is Casares’ studio portrait style images of nature’s rarest and most common species that are the artist’s true accomplishment and calling card; devoid of background distractions and illuminated to detail each whisker, feather, or scale, Casares captures an essence with each image that underscores his own passion and vision as a photographer and conservationist. As a former keeper for the Buenos Aires Zoo, Casares was witness to the beauty, ferocity, and fragility of the animal kingdom firsthand. During the evolution of his photographic career, he began to visit wildlife rescues to document the plight of their patients. Realizing his images could generate support and awareness for those injured and recuperating commonplace species, as well as those who are in danger of extinction, Casares embarked on a mission to unite his talent for photography with his passion for conservation. EX-SITU was the result. Combining Casares’ distinctive artistic style and the plight of rescued animals, EX-SITU is the product of more than 5 years’ worth of photography, the resilience of each animal, and the selfless efforts of their rescuers. In the oversized fine art book, the saga of each animal is told beside their stunning and emotionally evocative images with the goal of bringing awareness to their struggle and eventual success. An ever-growing project, Casares intends to expand EX-SITU to multiple countries and continents to maximize awareness and resources for endangered wildlife.